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Track: Rhythm Software Master Classes

For those who have covered the basics or feel like you may be outgrowing your current setup, learn how to take Rhythm Software to the next level.

NOTE: The sessions in this track are working sessions. Please bring your laptop with you so you can follow along and work in Rhythm during the sessions.

BONUS SESSION: Fast Track Certification - Get Rhythm Fan Certified over breakfast Friday, October 12, at 7:30 AM

Scaling Rhythm for Larger, Complex Companies

Remember the days when you knew all of your co-workers and exactly what they were working on? Now you’re struggling to keep track of all the new faces popping up around the office each week. Projects are much more complicated and require a lot of cross-functional communication and have multiple dependencies. If this sounds familiar or you have 10+ teams using Rhythm, this session is for you. Learn patterns and best practices from companies who have grown with Rhythm and made the shift from simple to complex organizations.

Tiffany Chepul, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 1 - October 11, 1:00 - 2:15 PM

Room CLT F

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Deep Dive: Using KPIs to Solve Your Biggest Business Challenges

Are you continuously trying new things and making adjustments toward your #1 goal but still not moving the needle? When used right, KPIs are one of the most powerful tools for keeping teams focused, aligned and accountable. Yet, we see the same mistakes being made over and over again and teams continuously missing their numbers. Get off the hamster wheel and start making a real business impact. Better lead your department or business unit to achieve your goals and tackle your biggest challenges by using right KPIs.


Ted Skinner, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 2 - October 11, 2:45 - 4:00 PM

Room CLT B & C

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Conquer Complex Projects with Rhythm

We know managing projects across multiple teams is really difficult. Isolated spreadsheets and email strings make it impossible for team members to follow and share updates. Traditional project management software is too complicated, and everyone doesn’t always have access. Rhythm’s powerful, new project features create a simple solution for team leaders and project managers to effectively lead projects involving multiple teams to success.

Ryan Walcott, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 3 - October 12, 10:30 - 11:45 AM

Room CLT F

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