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Track: Managing Growth

Reach your full potential to grow by learning how to prevent the top reasons why teams fail to execute their plans, and then join our Head of Sales and Head of Digital Marketing as they come together to show you the SAM (Sales and Marketing) winning formula.

3 Reasons Teams Fail to Execute Their Plans and Reach their Goals

Don’t let missed opportunities prevent your company from reaching its full potential. Learn the 3 ways to prevent your teams from coming up short in the future. From building the right culture and interdependent organizations to learning how to use weekly adjustment meetings to drive effective execution, you will leave feeling more confident in your teams to execute your plan and grow.

Alan Gehringer, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 1 - October 24, 2:00 - 3:15 PM


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The Winning Formula to Transform Your Sales Team and Provide Product-Ready Marketing Leads

Sales and Marketing play distinct roles yet successful execution requires close collaboration of a cross-functional team. Working hand-in-hand, Marketing relays invaluable, product-ready leads to Sales, and Sales pursues those leads while building their own pipeline. But at some point, have you dealt with a less than full pipeline or one full of the wrong kind of leads, had difficulty recruiting sales talent or struggled to meet informed customers where they are? Shift your Sales & Marketing strategy to enter new markets and win new leads.

Don’t miss our Head of Digital Marketing and Head of Sales as they team up to teach you which data-driven Marketing discussions you need to have to inform your Sales strategy and how to build a modern Sales team to drive results.

Ted Skinner, Rhythm Systems and Christine Rutherford, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 2 - October 25, 10:30 - 11:45 AM


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