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Track: Leadership

Learn to lead with speed and decisiveness during disruptive times, and reveal accountability blindspots in your organization. These sessions are designed to challenge company and departmental leaders to develop a plan of action to reach their full potential and bring out the best in their teams.  

How Great Leaders Lead with Speed and Decisiveness During Disruption

Imagine new legislation making a surprising hit to your industry, or one of your key customers is at risk. Consider projects getting held up while your competition moves ahead, or the market changes and sales are down. These scenarios all share unexpected disruption for your business. Most companies are left playing defense—feeling anxious and pressured—which might lead them to make abrupt decisions. Don’t get stuck reacting to disruption. Navigate your path forward, confidently and strategically. This session is designed to leave you with a leadership survival toolkit and learnings around how to play offense by expediting the acceptance of change, creating a bias for action, leveraging the chaos and thriving in uncertain times while beating your competitors.

Cathy McCullough, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 1 - October 24, 2:00 - 3:15 PM


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10 Questions to Reveal Accountability Blindspots… and What To Do About It

Have you discovered a deeply-rooted problem in your company that had been lurking in your blind spot for far too long? Accountability and culture issues are prevalent, but many companies lack the perspective to see them and the ways they surface. If your organization has ever suffered the consequences of making bad hires, having projects fall stagnant for no apparent reason, persistent displays of lack of follow through and finger pointing, you most likely have an accountability issue in your organization.

These issues lead to missed numbers, inhibited growth and poor work environments, and teams often become too dependent on the leader in such cases. Counter these issues by working to identify the root causes of execution issues. Learn how the best leaders use our framework to improve accountability in their culture and how to use it proactively with a variety of scenarios. 

Tiffany Chepul, Rhythm Systems

Breakout Session 2 - October 25, 10:30 - 11:45 AM


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