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Breakthrough Conference

2018 Breakthrough Talks Speaker

Scott Edgeworth, Alpha Guardian
Breakthrough Talk

How a Strong Culture Will Help You Scale More Successfully

Hear the story of how Alpha Guardian navigated double-digit growth and acquisition to become the world’s largest home safe company.

October 11, 4:15 - 5:30 pm

Scott Edgeworth

Chief Financial Officer, Alpha Guardian

Scott Edgeworth is the Chief Financial Officer for Alpha Guardian, the world’s largest home safe company focused on secure organization and storage headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has a degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University and is a CPA, but don’t ever call him an Accountant!  He considers himself a ‘Financial Engineer’!  He began his career with KPMG working in their audit practice and quickly realized he hated anything to do with inventory and cost accounting.  After leaving KPMG, he spent over a decade working in the financial services sector for the Capital Group Companies and JPMorgan focusing on fair valuation, arbitrage mitigation, and financial reporting for mutual funds and hedge funds, including a two-year stint working in Geneva Switzerland.  After surviving the 2008 financial crisis, he suddenly had a change of heart about inventory and manufacturing and left the financial services industry to work for Bally Technologies learning about casinos, gaming technology, and slot machine manufacturing.  As fun as the gaming industry was, he finally found his home at Alpha Guardian where he feels like he makes a difference in the world by providing products that improve and protect people’s lives by securing and organizing what they value.  When not working, he is a husband and father to four boys and a neurotic runner with a marathon best of 2:42.