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Breakthrough Conference

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Breakout Session 2

Real Rhythm Stories: There's More than One Path to Peak Performance

Hear from your peers on the creative ways they're using Rhythm to achieve their goals.

October 25, 10:30 - 11:45 AM

Jessica Wishart

Training and Innovation Manager, Rhythm Systems

For the last 7 years, Jessica Wishart has provided exceptional training and support for Rhythm clients and our internal Rhythm team. She is an expert in the Rhythm methodology, habits, and tools; she even helped write the books! She has developed and maintained our client training resources, including in-app guides, Rhythm University, and Certification. (If she looks familiar, you’ve probably seen her in our training videos.) She enjoys sharing her expertise with new clients and leading our onboarding team. She also leads our internal, continuous improvement efforts and is a regular contributor to our blog.
Jessica earned her Masters degree in Education with a specialization in Community Counseling at Louisiana State University. She worked in the non-profit sector counseling chronically homeless men who were recovering from addiction and as a project manager for a small, family-owned oil and gas company before coming to Rhythm Systems. Jessica has a love of learning and a passion for helping others. She is a proud mother of two young girls and spends her precious little free time practicing yoga and enjoying good food and wine with her husband.