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Breakout Session 1

Session Track

Managing Growth

Featured Speaker(s)

Ethan Clark, Strathblane Sales Consulting


October 11, 1:00 - 2:15 PM


Room CLT G & H

A Predictable Way to Get, Keep and Grow Your Customers - Insights from a Master Sales Coach

Ethan Clark, Strathblane Sales Consulting

Learn from one of the most successful sales operational executives in the world. He has worked with Intuit, Constant Contact, Blackboard and AvidXchange and helped all of these companies scale their sales operations and gain the ability to depend on their sales forecasts. In short, he helps make good sales teams better.

Do you have confidence in what your salespeople are telling you is in the pipeline? Are you crossing your fingers the last day of the month hoping that last deal comes in to hit your numbers? Do you worry that your customers may outgrow you or stop seeing the value you provide and leave? 

Too many companies rely on relationships and personalities to generate revenue; you can’t scale your business that way or lead your team with confidence. Don’t waste time stressing about whether you’ll hit your numbers; learn this straightforward, scalable method for providing the fuel your company needs for predictable growth - more sales and better retention.

 In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify your prospective customers' true needs and meet them where they are
  • How to stop guessing at your forecast and predict with confidence
  • How to pressure test that deals are real with your sales team
  • How to remain relevant and provide value to your customers as they mature